Moisturizing, nourishing or repairing? That's the question you need to ask yourself when faced with dull, dry, devitalized hair. While only a professional can give you the right diagnosis on the quality of your hair, here are a few tips on how to properly care for your hair.

First and foremost, let's face it: moisturizing skincare is not the same as nourishing or repairing skincare. And the reverse is also true. Nourishing skincare is not the same as moisturizing or repairing skincare. Similarly, repairing skincare is not the same as moisturizing or nourishing skincare.

And we mustn't forget that hair with a problem is more exposed to external aggression, as well as to aggression from treatments and products.

The different treatments

Moisturizing care

Moisturizing hair means providing it with water, without weighing it down. Moisturizing hair adds shine and softness. This can be achieved with creams or masks. Moisturizing is recommended for hair that is dry, fine, electric or lacking in shine.

Nourishing care

Nourishing your hair means adding grease, which weighs it down. We therefore apply greasy products to our hair, such as oils, shea butter, etc., which we avoid applying to the scalp, but only to the ends. Nutrition is recommended for devitalized, damaged or rough hair.

Repairing care

Repairing hair means reconstructing the hair fiber, rebuilding the hair in depth. We're talking here about new-generation products, like -plex, which many brands have developed and which have a real effect on hair. These are technologically advanced products that are not at all natural. Hair can be repaired naturally, but the process will be more complex and time-consuming.

Hair types

Dry hair

C’est avant tout un problème de cuir chevelu qui est sec et déshydraté. Le cuir chevelu ne produisant plus assez de sébum, les cheveux deviennent secs et ne sont plus protégés. Secs, les cheveux peuvent être hydratés et/ou nourris. Hormis les masques pour cheveux faits maison et usuellement utilisés avant chaque lavage – tels que les masques à l’aloe vera, à l’huile d’olive ou à l’avocat – il existe aujourd’hui des masques pour cheveux secs bio et naturels. 

Devitalized hair

Devitalized hair lacks the elements essential for growth and health. It needs to be pampered and treated gently. Food supplements should also be considered.

Dull hair

Dull hair doesn't reflect light, but absorbs it, because its scales are spread rather than flattened over the cuticles (outer part of the hair shaft), as is the case with healthy hair. The key is to add shine, and to do this, we need to moisturize our hair.

Fine hair

Fine hair needs lightness and volume. Avoid weighing hair down and flattening it with greasy products. Moisturizing is the most appropriate treatment, as are volumizing products. However, for fine hair, blow-drying remains the best way to restore volume.