The Nourishing Vegetal Hair Balm pour cheveux Christophe Nicolas Biot Paris® detangles, nourishes and softens hair while adding shine, suppleness and lightness. It works effectively without loss of volume and density. Use as a conditioner.


    • 250ml
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    Special features

    The Ultra Nourishing Hair Vegetal Balm Christophe Nicolas Biot Paris® from the by BIOT range is a 100% natural, silicone-, preservative- and paraben-free hair care product. Made in France. Dermatologically tested.

    Used in small quantities, Christophe Nicolas Biot Paris® Ultra Nourishing Hair Balm from the by BIOT range makes it easy to detangle and smooth all hair types. In summer, it can be used as a day cream, notably as a sunscreen to protect both hair and scalp. In larger quantities, it can be applied as a cataplasm to the hair and left on overnight before rinsing to nourish and coat dry, sensitized ends. In both cases, this type of balm has the particularity of not weighing hair down, and always brings that coveted shine and lightness to hair. This makes it a genuine beauty care product for all hair types.

    The Hair Balm contains oils that work together to nourish and repair dry, fragile hair and scalp. With its formula enriched with moisturizing agents and its melting consistency, it's one of our favorite treatments for pampering hair. What's more, its soft, delicate fragrance also provides a feeling of well-being and comfort. This product is 99% natural ingredients.

    Product features

    The Ultra-nourishing Vegetal Balm acts as a "hair bandage", providing care and nutrition for even the most dehydrated and dried-out hair, whether due to sun damage or prolonged or repeated chemical action.

    Active ingredients

    . Shea butter nourishes, moisturizes and softens hair thanks to its fatty acids and repairs hair thanks to resin esters ;
    . Sunflower oil to soften, nourish and strengthen damaged hair ;
    . Coconut oil for deep nourishment and repair ;
    . Amazonian frankincense resin, which wraps hair in a sheathing film to repair, moisturize and add shine. Applied to the scalp, it also has anti-inflammatory properties;
    . Revitalizing and cleansing clay. It eliminates excess sebum and impurities to purify the scalp.


    Apply The Vegetal Balm after shampooing. Take 1-2 pumps in the palm of your hand. Warm up, then apply generously to lengths and ends still saturated with water. Leave on for 1 to 30 minutes, depending on hair type. Rinse off.
    For maximum hydration, apply as a cataplasm 1-2 times a week, leaving on overnight, and rinse off the next day.

    Christophe Nicolas Biot's tip

    Idéal pour l’été, il peut également s’appliquer comme une crème de jour écran de protection solaire pour protéger les cheveux et le cuir chevelu lors des expositions. Rincer le soir et laisser sécher la chevelure à l’air libre. Renouveler l’application quotidiennement, sans rincer, après le shampooing du matin.

    For which hair type

    While this product is suitable for all hair types, it is particularly recommended for very dry hair that is difficult to detangle after shampooing.

    Effect on hair

    It detangles, nourishes and softens hair.

    Scalp type

    Normal to dry.

    Hair problems

    Dry, dehydrated hair.

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