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Le Lutetia

100% Natural Color

A return to noble, primary materials to naturally embellish hair.

Color and Care

9 care ranges, depending on the need.

Your Personalized Color

Each range has its own type of clay and color, depending on the type of treatment chosen.

SOS color

Repair service for severely damaged hair and color

Les Maisons de Coiffure Christophe Nicolas Biot

Benefit from Christophe Nicolas Biot's expertise in professional hair care.

Looking for a hair colorist in Paris?

Discover Les Maisons de Coiffure Christophe Nicolas Biot, the place to be for all your hair color needs, whether vegetable or conventional, as well as for dry cutting.

Renowned Parisian hairstylist and colorist Christophe Nicolas Biot has opened unique premises entirely dedicated to beauty, coloring and hair care. 

The colorists and hair experts at Maisons de coiffure Christophe Nicolas Biot treat hair from scalp to tip.

Whatever your hair type, at Maisons de Coiffure you'll find experts who'll take care of your problems to make your hair healthier and more beautiful.