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100% natural products made in France

Christophe Nicolas Biot's 100% natural hair color and hair care products are acclaimed by the press, including Elle, Gala, Voici, Grazia and Cosmopolitan. For several years now, Christophe Nicolas Biot has been welcoming celebrities to his hair salons, where they have decided to change their habits for the sake of well-being.

Christophe Nicolas Biot and his teams are also experts in conventional hair coloring and dry cutting. 

Our beauty tips

christmas styling

Holiday styling

Over-size bun or sleeker, structured or loose hair, perfect or natural blow-dry, accessories... what...
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Chrisotphe Nicolas Biot at Esthécare

Christophe Nicolas Biot presents his products at Esthécare

Christophe Nicolas Biot was in Morocco for a few days, just long enough to present...
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irritated scalp

Irritated scalp routine

Treating an irritated scalp is always tricky because you never quite know how...
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