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Christophe Nicolas Biot presents his beauty routine dedicated to irritated and stressed scalps, with healthy, natural products from the Mon Protocole line. To be used as a 6-week treatment and then as a follow-up once a month.

Contenance : 60 ml


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Features of the Irritated Scalp Routine

Why do I have an irritated scalp? You can't have healthy hair without a healthy scalp. It's essential to know how to look after it, take care of it and pay attention to the signals it sends out. There are different types of scalp, and its nature can vary depending on exposure to natural elements, diet, sebum secretion levels, products used...
Discover the four products recommended by Christophe Nicolas Biot, for a six-week course of treatment and then once a month as a follow-up for a healthy, balanced scalp.

The 5-step Irritated Scalp Routine

1- Mix 5 pumps of Cleansing Milk n°1 with ½ pipette ofHair Oil n°2.
2- Apply to scalp.
3- Massage in and leave for 15-30 minutes.
4- Rinse and wash gently with Liquid Soap n°2.
5- Finish withPlant Emulsion n°4 to use as a conditioner.

My Protocol line

The Mon Protocole line is characterized by 100% natural, hand-crafted organic production. The line is handcrafted from essential oils in the Charente region of France. At a depth of over 160 meters, the spring water from which it is made has been protected. It has been naturally filtered for over 20,000 years to ensure its purity and lightness, and is guaranteed nitrate-free.
Mon Protocole is an eco-responsible line, guaranteed preservative-, sulfate-, paraben- and silicone-free. It takes care of both the body and the environment. It comes in amber glass pump bottles to preserve the purity of the active ingredients, like an apothecary's line.

To discover the Mon Protocole Capillaire product catalog

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