• Natural product
  • Eco responsible
  • Made in France

This 100% boar bristle and oak Christophe Nicolas Biot Paris© hair brush is handcrafted.
An essential hair accessory, the real boar bristle brush will reduce sebum at the roots and nourish the ends.


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Boar bristle hair brush features

Made in France from quality materials, Christophe Nicolas Biot Paris© boar bristle hairbrushes are hand-assembled. Unique in the world, these hairbrushes are made by experts who select the best woods for optimal resistance and beauty. Once the species have been selected, the wood is cut and trimmed to obtain the almost definitive shape of the boar bristle hairbrush. With care, this brush will last a lifetime.
The composition of boar bristles is similar to that of hair, both being highly composed of keratin. This eliminates static electricity while respecting the hair and adding shine. Selecting and mounting the boar bristles by hand on the hairbrush is precision work. It takes around 24 hours to fit a boar bristle hairbrush.

It's an essential high-end accessory for beautiful hair.

Caring for your boar bristle hairbrush

Use a small comb to remove dust, hairs and impurities that accumulate between the brush bristles. To refine the cleaning, use a toothbrush dipped in soapy water. Leave to dry.

Christophe Nicolas Biot's tip

Brush your hair morning and night, head first, to let your hair and scalp breathe.

For which hair type

Normal and thick hair

Effect on hair

More moisturized and nourished hair, stronger and less greasy.