Christophe-Nicolas Biot Paris® Protective and Repairing Shampoo from the by BIOT range is a 2-in-1 product that both cleanses the scalp and provides intensive moisturizing care for even the most fragile, damaged and dehydrated hair, while preserving the shine of color.


    • 200 ml
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    Features of The Protective and Repairing Shampoo

    Between repeated coloring, the use of styling tools that are too hot, and the application of products with aggressive formulas, hair becomes dry and damaged. What's more, our increasingly hygienic lifestyles encourage repeated shampooing, which can unbalance the scalp's microbiome.
    In response to these consumer habits, we need to offer gentle, less aggressive formulas that allow more frequent and frequent washing, without drying out the scalp and hair.


    Active ingredients

      • Amino acids, trace elements and minerals promote optimal hair hydration. Hair feels silky and styles better. A formula rich in keratin-like amino acids helps repair hair made more sensitive by coloring techniques. These micro-elements are able to penetrate to the heart of the fiber for a strengthening and repairing action.

      • Corrosol leaf extract smoothes and repairs hair structure.

      • the synergy of a blend of natural polysaccharides protects against pollution particles, free radicals and chemical molecules that penetrate the hair fiber and damage the hair. This synergy of natural polymers, used in combination with cleansing agents, cleans hair while repairing and smoothing the cuticle. Weakened hair regains a healthy cuticle and styling is made easier.

      • Active ingredients of 100% natural origin, free from sulfated surfactants, prevent color bleeding.

      • A blend of free fatty acids and fats, such as sunflower lecithin, amino acids and active plant ingredients, create silky, healthy hair.

      • A slightly acidic pH tightens the hair scales, helping to maintain the color on the fiber.


    Application of The Protective and Repairing Shampoo

    Soak hair thoroughly in lukewarm, but not hot, water. Pour one or two doses of shampoo into the palm of your hand. Apply to wet scalp and massage with fingertips until foamy, taking care to lift hair to ensure full distribution of product on scalp. If necessary, dampen the head again to increase the emulsion. Leave on for 2-5 minutes to penetrate hair, paying particular attention to the scalp. Rinse hair and scalp thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. Preferably dry hair naturally (air-dry or towel-dry) to smooth scales and add shine, while avoiding a mousse effect.


    For which hair type

    Christophe Nicolas Biot Paris® Protective and Repairing Shampoo can be used safely on both dyed and natural hair. It's a unisex product for all ages, from infancy to old age, joining the inclusive beauty trend.


    Effect on hair

        • Anti-static and detangling: reduces static electricity, making it easier to brush wet or dry hair and preventing tangles.

        • Film-forming: protects hair from damage and aggression Also helps trap moisture in hair, leaving it soft and smooth.

        • Revitalizing: keeps scalp in good condition.

        • Protector: protects and repairs damaged hair.

        • Anti-discoloration : the new strategy or approach to discoloration prevention is developed in the formula, to provide an effective barrier preventing hair colorants from dissolving in water. A series of polymers with different modified hydrophobic and cationic functional groups are the most effective in preventing hair colorants from dissolving in water. What's more, a strong synergistic effect of hydrophobic polymer parts and cationic charges protects hair color during shampooing processes.

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