Doing a blow-dry yourself is no easy task, although there's no better solution for perfect hair all day, or even all week. While some women are good at it, blow-drying is best done by a hairdresser. But it's essential that the stylist fully understands the client's wishes. A good blow-dry requires work with a brush and blow-dryer, but never with hot plates.

Follow the advice of Christophe Nicolas Biot, who creates one of the best hair styles in Paris.

For whom?

best blow-dry
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Blow-drying is ideal for all hair types and cuts. Even short hair is entitled to a blow-dry, as is dry hair, which will regain its smooth, shiny texture if it's done properly.

The art of blow-drying is first and foremost to loosen the roots and add volume, and this for a week.

For what?

Blow-drying is all about taming a mane for soft, shiny, silky, smooth and disciplined hair thanks to smoothed scales.

A well-executed blow-dry will transform your look in 20 minutes and make you look your best for the day. But only during the day? Often, yes, because the night is often fatal for a blow-dry... So are humidity, hats, wind... However, a real blow-dry done well by a professional can last up to a week if it's well maintained.

Christophe Nicolas Biot's secret for making a blow-dry last:

" Work the hair until it is completely dry. You have to be very careful, because hair can look dry but still be damp. That's why a real blow-dry can never be achieved in just a few minutes. "

What is a blow-dry?

More than just a blow-dry, a blow-dry will embellish a hairstyle, smooth and structure a cut, add volume and shine to the hair... In other words, it will improve the appearance and quality of your hair. It's not easy to achieve the best brushings, even if the principle is simple. In fact, it's a temporary shaping of the hair, performed on damp hair, using a brush and a hair dryer, never hot plates. Brushed strand by strand, the hair takes on the desired shape thanks to the orientation of the brush.

 How to achieve the perfect blow-dry?

Working on damp (but not wet) hair helps to shape it, as it becomes more malleable. As the hair dries, it takes on the shape given by the orientation of the brush. That's why it's so important to master your blow-drying gesture. There's no point in drying hair too quickly or too hard, as this can dry it out and damage it.

Blow-drying takes time and can't be done in 5 minutes. It takes around twenty minutes. What's more, it's important to blow-dry the whole head of hair, not just the front strands. That's why it's often very difficult to blow-dry hair yourself.

Before blow-drying, hair must be gently towel-dried, without tangling. Brush hair gently and spray with a thermo-protective conditioner to protect it from the heat of the blow-dryer. To facilitate smoothing of dry or thick hair, we recommend applying a nourishing balm.

For best results, work strand by strand, wrapping the hair one by one around the brush, before blow-drying without touching the hair.

Finish with a setting product such as hairspray or smoothing serum, depending on the nature of your hair.

The right tools for the best blow-dry

To achieve a professional blow-dry, you'll need professional tools: there's no mystery to getting the best results.

  • hair dryer

The hair dryer must be powerful enough to dry hair well without burning it. There's no point in programming it for the highest heat setting, as it's the force of the blow that's more important than the temperature.

  • hairbrush

Ideally, use a round brush adapted to the length of your hair. The wider the brush, the longer the hair. Boar bristle brushes are best for fine hair.

Boar bristle hair brushes

Better still, you can use a rounded brushlike the hairdressers at Christophe Nicolas Biot's Maison de Coiffure, if you have mastered the brushing gesture. Brushing should start at the wrist to loosen the roots.

8 pro tips from Christophe Nicolas Biot

  • Use a professional hair dryer.
  • Hold the hair dryer perpendicular to the brush, but never touch the hair.
  • To get the right gesture, turn the dryer nozzle through 180°.
  • Use a protective or volumizing serum.
  • Do not style immediately after blow-drying, but wait for hair to cool. Heat shapes the hair, and cooling maintains its shape.
  • Cold wind electrifies hair, so avoid it. What's more, it won't add volume to the blow-dry.
  • To achieve a good blow-dry, you need to blow-dry your hair three-quarters of the way before starting to use the brush.
  • It is important to loosen the root to create volume.

It's no coincidence that Christophe Nicolas Biot achieves some of the best hairstyles in Paris and Mulhouse.

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