After launching the Mon Protocole natural hair and scalp care range in 2020, Christophe Nicolas Biot Paris is now enriching its offering with a line of cosmetics dedicated to face and body to complete the brand's natural beauty ritual.

Mon Protocole Face & Body line

As the skin is the mirror of our emotions, Christophe Nicolas Biot, in collaboration with
Christophe Nicolas Biot, in collaboration with Brigitte Dubray, has designed formulas that benefit both body and mind. Designed to care for the skin in all its complexity, the possibilities for using these products are infinite.

Enthusiasts of natural, plant-based and ultra-personalized skincare, Christophe Nicolas Biot and Brigitte Dubray were destined to meet and work together. At the Maison de
Coiffure in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, Christophe Nicolas Biot provided Brigitte with an elegant, calm and welcoming treatment room. A timeless space, a haven of peace for women and men alike. The result of their collaboration is a line of holistic face & body cosmetics. Sharing the same sensitivity to ancestral formulas
formulas, Christophe Nicolas and Brigitte have drawn on the alchemy between botany and vibratory energy to design this cosmetic variation of the emblematic "Mon Protocole" hair care range.

Product manufacturing

Handcrafted in France, Mon Protocole products are designed using organic and permaculture ingredients. Following the main principles of biodynamics and its esoteric values, the formulas of this new line respect natural rhythms and the work of the soil, in harmony with the earth. Developed using biodynamic principles and integrating the phenomenon of lunation, the products are genuine living preparations based on plants and flower essences. Our suppliers are independent breeders, pickers and pressers... From seed to maceration, including hand-picking, they are all extremely respectful of natural cycles. They distill their own plants without adding alcohol, and their production respects what nature has to offer.
Powerful yet subtle products
The active ingredients selected are carefully studied and concentrated to ensure the supply of nutrients needed by the cells and to guarantee optimal protection. In addition to a line of powerful, subtle skincare products, with the new Mon Protocole range, Christophe-Nicolas Biot and Brigitte Dubray wanted to offer the opportunity to reconnect with your body and its sensations, by taking a moment for yourself, every day.