We all dream of having baby-skin that's luminous, blemish-free and elastic! While diet, hydration and a healthy lifestyle come first, a good beauty routine is just as important.

Christophe Nicolas Biot offers you a special beauty routine for baby skin, comprising two facial care products from the Mon Protocole line. These are must-have products for perfect skin and deep, gentle facial cleansing. Healthy, natural products that won't clog your skin and will help you regain baby-smooth skin.

Baby Skin Routine products

  • L'Absolu Christophe-Nicolas Biot Paris® from the Mon Protocole range is a cleansing milk that helps combat cutaneous dryness and restore radiant skin thanks to its reparative action on skin cells. With soothing and calming properties thanks to its anti-inflammatory action, this milk is suitable for all skin types.
    Composition: Hazelnut, lavender, petit grain, palma rosa and authentic beeswax harvested directly from a certified beekeeper.
    200 ml bottle: €40 or 60 ml bottle: €20

  • Lotion Absolue Christophe-Nicolas Biot Paris® from Mon Protocole is a facial cleansing lotion that tightens the skin's pores, rids the skin of irritating limescale, softens and prevents redness.
    Composition: Lavender and rose.
    Tip: Store the bottle in the refrigerator.
    200 ml bottle: €40 or 60 ml bottle: €20

The 5-step Baby Skin Routine

1- Massage face with a few pumps of L'Absolu cleansing milk.
2- Leave on for 20 to 30 minutes.
3- Rinse with water using a washcloth.
4- Spray L'Lotion Absolue onto face.
5- Massage face until product is absorbed.

My Protocol line

The Mon Protocole line features 100% natural, hand-crafted organic products. Based on essential oils, this line is handcrafted in the Charente region of France. At a depth of over 160 meters, the spring water has been protected and has acquired its purity and lightness through natural filtration over 20,000 years, guaranteed nitrate-free.
Mon Protocole is an eco-responsible line, guaranteed preservative-, sulfate-, paraben- and silicone-free, which cares for both the body and the environment. It is presented in an amber glass bottle with pump to respect the purity of the active ingredients, like an apothecary's line.

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