Les Maisons de Coiffure Christophe Nicolas Biot is offering a brand-new, ultra-customized hair accessory service.

The wig has long been an element of style. It served to ennoble and socially elevate the wearer. For more than a century, hair accessories were the baroque elements of outfits. Once out of fashion, the wig was for a long time an element of disguise or theater, before regaining its letters of nobility in recent years. Today, while wigs have a medical role to play, they also allow us to transform and magnify ourselves for an evening, a day or even longer. It becomes an element of fashion, seduction or, more simply, an element of beauty. You can accessorize an outfit, or simply modify your look.

Today, Maisons de coiffure Christophe Nicolas Biot offers three services based around a wide choice of hair accessories for different occasions. The sale, rental and dry-cleaning of wigs for a complete makeover, headpieces to camouflage hair loss or add volume, and ponytails or bangs to accessorize a hairstyle.

Hair accessories service at La Maison de Coiffure

Les Maisons de Coiffure Christophe Nicolas Biot offer several ranges of wigs with a wide choice of prices:

  • The Luxe range of 100% natural wigs
  • The premium range with wigs in natural and synthetic materials,
  • The entry-level range of 100% synthetic wigs, but very aesthetic and just as comfortable to wear as the natural range.

Whichever range you choose, our hair supplements are unsurpassed in quality and craftsmanship. They can be worn every day, or just for an evening or a date. Modifiable in length, color or style, they become beauty and fashion accessories, like a hat or a piece of clothing.

Who are hair accessories for?

Wigs, headpieces and add-ons are for women of all ages and men.

Younger people are particularly sensitive to their appearance and the image they project, and are attracted by rapid physical changes. We see this with the stars who parade down red carpets and surprise us with a different look every time. 

For their part, working girls like to be able to rely on this accessory, which becomes indispensable when you want to look impeccable in all circumstances.

Then there are women who want to space out their color without having to expose their roots, and are particularly fond of this new accessory.

Then there are the men who are losing their hair and like to be able to count on an unsuspected hair accessory that knows how to be forgotten. 

The wig consultation at La Maison de Coiffure takes place in three stages

First, it's essential to define the client's desires and expectations, so as to make the right choice between the various hair accessories available. Just like during a hair or color consultation. For some people, wearing a wig can be a way of radically changing their hair color or cut. You'll need to decide whether you want to wear a wig for an evening's pleasure, as a daily accessory, as an aesthetic alternative in case of roots or grey hair, or as a hair substitute in case of illness.

Next comes the equally important question of budget. This will determine the choice of hair accessory range. It's worth noting that the 100% natural Luxe range offers an ultra-customized service, since the hair can be colored to the perfect shade for the customer's hair.

Finally, it's time for styling. We adjust the wig, the top of the head or the addition to the client's head. Then we recut, smooth, curl or rework the volumes according to the customer's wishes and the possibilities left by the chosen range. After all, you can't work with natural and synthetic hair in the same way.

hair accessories

Christophe Nicolas Biot's advice

To make this accessory invisible, it's essential to always leave a base of hair around the edge to blend in with the hair in the hair accessory. This will make the effect very natural, as it will play on the natural implantation of the hair. But for the operation to be successful, it's essential that the shade of the wig chosen is in total harmony with the shade of the client's natural hair.

Hair accessory prices

  • Sales: prices range from 300 euros for synthetic fiber headpieces to 3,500 euros for a 100% natural wig.
  • 48-hour rental: from 100 euros to 350 euros with a deposit starting at 500 euros.
  • Dry-cleaning service: to refresh your hair accessory, wash it, dye it if necessary, straighten or shape it. From 100 euros.

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