Christophe Nicolas Biot presents his dedicated body beauty routine for velvety skin all year round. Velvet skin is essential for feeling good about your body, in summer and winter alike. And it's not just once the warm weather sets in that you need to worry about it, but all year round. Velvet skin isn't something you can achieve with a wave of a magic wand, but by implementing a flawless, regular beauty routine.

From all his cosmetics lines, Christophe Nicolas has selected five essentials for his body routine. These are five products from the Mon protocole line, to be used morning and night for unfailing effectiveness.

Velvet skin routine products

  • La Repulpe Christophe Nicolas Biot Paris® from the Mon Protocole is a moisturizing oil for face and body. Antioxidant and moisturizing, it activates melanin and compensates for skin deficiencies, for a luminous, moisturized complexion even after sun exposure.
    Composition: Macadamia, marjoram and mint.
    60 ml bottle: €34 - 200 ml bottle: €68

  • L'Absolu Christophe-Nicolas Biot Paris® from the Mon Protocole range is a cleansing milk that helps combat cutaneous dryness and restore radiant skin thanks to its reparative action on skin cells. With soothing and calming properties thanks to its anti-inflammatory action, this milk is suitable for all skin types.
    Composition: Hazelnut, lavender, petit grain, palma rosa and authentic beeswax harvested directly from a certified beekeeper.
    60 ml bottle: €20 - 200 ml bottle: €40

  • Baume N°9 Christophe-Nicolas Biot Paris® from the Mon Protocole range is a regenerating treatment. The synergy of its 9 harmonizing and vibratory plants makes it a vital epidermal force. Protective, it ensures skin repair, elasticity and nutrition.
    Composition: Propolis, Calendula, Roman Chamomile, St John's Wort, Black Elder, Walnut, Lilac, Brunella, Hemp oil, purified beeswax, Sunflower oil. Made exclusively from flower concentrate, with no added water.
    30 ml jar: 139 €.

The Velvet Skin Body Routine in 4 steps

Morning and evening
1- Wash body with Liquid Soap n°2. Dry gently.
2- Apply Mandarin Body Balm and massage in. On irritated skin, add a few drops ofAbsolu.

In the evening
3- Same ritual, adding a few drops of Repulpe at Body Balm Mandarin Body Balm.
4- On very dry areas, apply 1 dab of Baume n°9 warmed in the palm of the hand.

My Protocol line

The Mon Protocole line is characterized by 100% natural, hand-crafted organic production. The line is handmade from essential oils in the Charente region of France. At a depth of over 160 meters, the spring water from which it is made has been protected. It has been naturally filtered for over 20,000 years to ensure its purity and lightness, and is guaranteed nitrate-free.
Mon Protocole is an eco-responsible line, guaranteed preservative-, sulfate-, paraben- and silicone-free. It not only cares for your body, but also for the environment. It comes in an amber glass bottle to respect the purity of the active ingredients, like an apothecary's line.

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