LE BAUME N°9 for the face

  • Natural product
  • Eco responsible
  • Made in France

Baume N°9 Christophe Nicolas Biot Paris© from the Mon Protocole Visage & Corps line is a regenerating treatment for the face, a true epidermal vital force. It combines in a single product the synergy of 9 harmonizing and vibratory plants. A protective balm, it ensures skin repair, elasticity and nutrition over time.

contenance 30ml


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Characteristics of Baume n°9 Visage

Baume n°9 is a regenerating facial treatment.

Active ingredients

Propolis, Calendula, Roman Chamomile, St John's Wort, Black Elder, Walnut, Lilac, Brunelle, Hemp oil, purified beeswax, sunflower oil. Made from flower concentrate only, with no added water.


Face Balm n°9 is for use as an evening ritual or 'morning and night', in case of very dry skin. Warm a small amount in your hands, then gently massage in a circular motion until completely absorbed.

Christophe Nicolas Biot's tip

Baume Visage n°9 is exceptional for very dry skin.
In winter, or even in summer on sun-damaged skin, apply to the face, but also to parts of the body that need it. Can also be used on hair ends devitalized by chemical action.

Skin type

Very dry or dehydrated skin.


Mon Protocole Face & Body line

As the skin is the mirror of our emotions, Mon Protocole's Face & Body line has been designed with sacred and unique formulas for body and mind, based in particular on work carried out by farmers. Everything is done by hand, with respect for the earth. This line of products cares for the skin in all its complexity, and the indications are infinite. Mon Protocole products are entirely handcrafted, French and unique, with ingredients derived from organic farming and permaculture. The preparations respect the main principles of biodynamics, which include esoteric dimensions. This means that all Mon Protocole preparations respect cosmic rhythms and the work of the soil, in harmony with the earth and plants. They are truly living preparations based on plants and flower essences, developed biodynamically and integrating the phenomenon of lunation. Our suppliers are small-scale breeders, pickers and pressers, all of whom respect natural cycles (from seed to maceration, including hand-picking). They distill their own plants without adding alcohol, and their production respects what nature has to offer. The active ingredients selected are specially studied and concentrated to ensure the supply of nutrients to cells in their functions of regulating tissue microcirculation and providing optimal protection. All products in the Mon Protocole line are made in France by craftsmen, are eco-responsible, and are guaranteed to be preservative-, sulfate-, paraben- and silicone-free.

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