In this unprecedented period of confinement for the safety and health of all, many people are wondering how to take care of their color-treated hair. Christophe Nicolas Biot gives professional advice on how to avoid disaster.

01 - How do you cover your gray hair when you can't go to the hairdresser?

Just because you're confined to your home doesn't mean you shouldn't be prepared. Not only for those with whom you share your daily life, but especially if you've opted to telecommute. You can apply hair mascara to camouflage roots, a good idea before a videoconference, for example! However, I don't recommend the use of bombs or powders which, on the screen, give a more than dubious result.

You can benefit from Christophe Nicolas Biot's advice thanks to his Ma VisioColor concept.

color-treated hair containment

02 - Containment: how to maintain your sweep?

Clay masks work wonders, especially ochre, which restores radiance and shine while sheathing the hair.

03- My color is dull. How can I give it light and shine?

  • A customized clay mask: several clays are blended according to hair type, scalp condition and hair color.
  • The Wake Up Color product is also ideal for revitalizing duller colors by adding pigments.

04- My color has faded. How can I repair or mask the damage?

This type of problem needs to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. I offer the Ma Visio Color service, which enables me to carry out a live consultation with the client, using images. This enables me to fully understand her needs and then propose a Rep'Hair Color ritual for her to do at home, with the necessary support in terms of explanations for each step.

A color diagnosis by videoconference, application advice and express shipment!

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