In this unprecedented period of confinement for the safety and health of all, many people are wondering how to maintain their haircut and that of their loved ones. Christophe Nicolas Biot gives professional advice on how to avoid disaster.

01 - What are the right tools for homemade cutting?

A pair of sewing scissors will do, or a pair of straight scissors, but kitchen scissors are out!

02 - How do you trim your ends until you can get back to the hairdresser?

I'd tend to say that the tips aren't essential and that, rather than making a mess of them, it's better to leave them alone and take advantage of this period to nourish them as much as possible with deep care and oil baths, for example.

To avoid split ends , we recommend banning excessive heat sources such as brushings, hair dryers and hotplates.

03 - How do you trim your own bangs when they start to get too long?

The fringe should always be cut dry, never wet, and vertically, not horizontally as you might think, as this would make the cut too straight, Joan of Arc-style, and can accentuate spikes!

04 - How can I safely cut my hair and that of my loved ones?

To avoid unpleasant surprises, we recommend dry cutting. Indeed, wet hair gathers. Dry cutting allows you to adapt to the hair's nature and natural fall. It's also important to cut as little as possible to avoid going too far and not being able to make up for the damage. And as soon as you can, go back to your hairdresser. However, your hairdresser won't be able to work miracles if you've cut too much!

05 - How often should you wash your hair when you don't leave the house?

This depends on the type of hair (dry, oily, etc.), but the right oxygenation rhythm is once or twice a week. Take advantage of this calmer period to apply deep treatments such as oil baths for dry hair and clay poultices for oily hair.

06 - What hairstyles should you choose if your hair is too long and you can't go to the hairdresser?

Updo, banana or bohemian chignons, but also braids, plaits... Don't hesitate to try things out, even if it means going over them several times!

Use accessories such as barrettes, elastics, headbands or even scarves. Now's the time to be bold and creative!

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