Limp, fragile, brittle hair, split ends that split more quickly than normal hair and a tendency to re-grease more quickly, but above all hair that looks flat and lacking in volume... fine hair often gives you a hard time! Not everyone is lucky enough to have luxuriant hair, and while you can't radically change the nature of your hair, there are some simple tips and solutions for giving volume to fine, flat hair .

Why does fine hair lack volume?

While some people are blessed with full, thick, lush hair, others have naturally fine, flat hair. In the vast majority of cases, the reason is none other than genetics. In fact, fine hair can be hereditary. While normal hair has a diameter of around 70 micrometers, fine hair is generally between 50 and 60 micrometers thick. The hair's lack of volume stems from this thinness from root to tip. And because it's so thin, fine hair tends to flatten out more easily on the scalp, resulting in flat hair. Nevertheless, there are simple solutions for adding volume to even the finest hair.

To give your hair volume, choose the right cut

How do you add volume to fine, flat hair ? The first step is to choose the right haircut. Certain haircuts accentuate hair volume, and it's best to opt for short cuts if you have fine hair. Long hair is more conducive to the flat effect. Long hair is heavier than short hair, and the more gravity weighs on it, the flatter it tends to look. So opt, for example, for a bob to add volume at the ends, or a layered style to give your lengths a boost.

Another simple technique is to crimp the strand from the underside of the head to the roots with a fine comb, then set with a little hairspray. This can give a subtle volume effect. You can also simply tie your hair up in a bun, ponytail or braid, preferably high up.

You can also opt for volumizing strips, placed at the hairline. They work miracles and are undetectable. You can learn how to apply them yourself, or go to the Maison de Coiffure Christophe-Nicolas Biot in Paris 6, which has its own Cabine du cheveu and makes made-to-measure volumizing strips in natural hair, tone-on-tone colored to blend perfectly with your hair.

How to give your hair volume: the right gestures to adopt

If you have fine hair, it's essential to limit the use of straighteners and hot plates, which can only damage your fine hair. The ideal solution is to brush your mane regularly in the direction of the hair with a soft brush made of natural fibers. This way, you can collect excess sebum from your scalp at the roots and spread it throughout your hair. This is essential for moisturizing and adding volume to hair, especially lengths.

Don't hesitate to massage your scalp thoroughly after each shampoo to stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair shafts. You should also rinse your hair with cold water, as this will close the scales and discipline your hair. Once washed, towel-dry your lengths, starting at the roots.

The right care for volume

Shampoos, conditioners and other volume-enhancing products are your best allies. However, you should always choose the best products, essentially natural products, which will preserve the health of your hair while giving you the volume effect you desire. Choose natural products suited to fine hair care. The aim of your hair care routine should be, above all, to pamper your hair without weighing it down.

Gentle, light moisturizers let your scalp breathe. And don't forget that optimal moisturizing will ensure that your style stays in place, with a greater chance ofvolume. Nourishing masks for fine hair add shine and volume. They nourish and protect your scalp without breaking the volume or weighing down your hair.

Dry shampoo is often ideal for giving your hair a little lift just before a party, for example. There are also dietary supplements packed with vitamins and various trace elements to nourish the hair while fortifying and strengthening it, and ultimately giving it volume.