Does your greasy hair often give you a hard time? Hair that's too shiny, too heavy, too sticky and too flat on your head is hard to live with every day. Even though you wash your hair every day to try to get rid of this excess grease, you feel like you're reflecting the image of a neglected person.

Rest assured, greasy hair doesn't have to be fatal. With the right advice, the right products and the right gestures, you can take care of your oily hair and restore it to its former glory! So, how can you get rid of greasy hair? Discover our best answers.

What is greasy hair?

Greasy hair is the result of excessive scalp sebum production, an oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands found in each hair root. Sebum forms the scalp's natural protective barrier against external aggression and dryness. Without it, hair would be too dry and fragile. This natural lubricant is distributed along the hair shaft, protecting the hair by smoothing the scales, leaving it shiny and supple.

The problem of so-called "greasy hair" arises when the scalp's sebum is produced in excess. This phenomenon is known as hyper-seborrhea. The scalp then clogs the pilosebaceous follicles and suffocates the roots, making hair dull and greasy. Sometimes it's only the roots that are very oily, but the ends are very dry and brittle.

Some people are naturally predisposed to excessive sebum secretion. But sebum production can also vary with the seasons and changes in climate. Stress, nervousness, an unbalanced diet rich in fats and sugars, or extreme fatigue, are also factors that favor excess sebum production and the appearance of greasy hair. What's more, the wrong kind of oily hair care can damage the health of the hair itself. This can lead to a vicious circle. This is the case, for example, with certain chemical-laden shampoos and masks for oily hair, which produce only fleeting results. In the long run, these products only irritate the scalp even more.

To combat greasy hair , the ideal solution is to turn to healthy, perfectly natural products. Organic greasy hair care products purify and rebalance the scalp. These specific products purify the hair so that it regrays less quickly. The Christophe-Nicolas Biot Paris range offers top-of-the-range natural hair care products that can be combined to create a hair care routine 100% adapted to the treatment of oily hair.

Oily hair care: which shampoo to use and how often?

Conventional shampoos strip the scalp to make it "clean". Organic shampoos for oily hair, on the other hand, use plant oils, essential oils and plant extracts to cleanse and purify the scalp for a long-lasting effect. Rosemary, sage, nettle, citron, lemon, green tea, aloe vera and honey are just some of the natural ingredients found in organic shampoos for oily hair. These ingredients have been selected for their natural purifying, softening, moisturizing, purifying and rebalancing properties.

Shampoing Frais from the Christophe-Nicolas Biot Paris range is particularly effective for cleansing the scalp and hair fiber with a detoxifying effect. It is, of course, sulfate- and silicone-free. It contains coconut oil surfactant for a non-abrasive cleansing effect, perfect for oily hair. It also contains essential oils of mint, eucalyptus and citrus to purify, and is suitable for all hair types.

Shampoos for oily hair care should only be used once or twice a week. Why wash oily hair so far apart? Essentially, because you don't want to put too much strain on the scalp. This would increase rather than reduce sebum production. The washing method is also important. A light massage of the scalp before shampooing is recommended to activate microcirculation. Ideally, hair should be washed with very little shampoo, adding water to lather rather than shampoo. For oily hair, shampooing should generally be quick, and washing should be done in a short time to avoid further stimulation of the sebaceous glands. Nevertheless, the exact application time is normally indicated on the bottle when it is necessary to allow time for the active ingredients to act to purify or soothe the skin on the scalp.

Why use a mask to care for oily hair?

To complement the action of a treatment shampoo. Using a greasy hair mask helps hair regain its normal vitality and shine. A mask is an essential part of any good hair routine, as it provides deep nourishment. For oily hair, it also purifies and cleanses the scalp.

The mask repairs, moisturizes and nourishes deep down, while protecting the ends from external aggression. While some people think that using a hair mask can weigh down hair with an already oily tendency, this is not the case with an adapted treatment like the Oily Hair Mask.

A mask for oily hair has two main functions: to rebalance and purify the hair. It limits the scalp's production of sebum by curbing the dysfunction of the sebaceous glands that cause oily hair. This is the principle behind the detoxifying mask in the Christophe-Nicolas Biot Paris range. This organic hair mask eliminates impurities while cleansing the scalp. Its absorbent, sebum-regulating, moisturizing and soothing active ingredients stimulate cell renewal and, above all, soothe and purify the scalp. As soon as you apply this mask, the mint essential oil it contains provides a real sensation of immediate freshness!