The festive season is approaching and one question is on everyone's lips: what original and pleasing gift can I give?

Why not opt for the Christophe Nicolas Biot Beauty Gift Card? What could be more pleasurable than taking care of yourself and offering the pleasure of an exceptional moment in a magical, timeless setting?

The gift card is easy to use

Whether purchased online or in one of Christophe Nicolas Biot's Maisons de coiffure, the beauty gift card is extremely easy to use.

It can be used for amounts ranging from 100 to 400 euros. It can be used in one or more instalments, depending on your needs, and is valid for one year from the date of issue.

After receiving his or her gift card, the beneficiary makes an appointment at one of the Maisons de Coiffure Christophe Nicolas Biot(Paris 2, Paris 6, Paris 8, Mulhouse, Val d'Isère or Saint Tropez) and presents his or her personal gift card at the cash desk when paying for the service.

For which treatment or service?

It's up to the recipient of your gift to choose the treatment and service he or she would like. He or she can then choose to spend the entire gift card, part of it, or to top up the amount.

Barber   Dry Hair Mask

More than 14 services are available to pamper yourself, whether you're a man or a woman: hair coloring, haircuts, treatments, hairstyling, massages, beauty treatments... The gift card can also be used to purchase a product, giving you the opportunity to treat yourself and discover the unique, confidential products of the Christophe Nicolas Biot Paris brand.

It's an opportunity to discover the treatments that have made the reputation of Maisons de Coiffure Christophe Nicolas Biot, such as the Chignon Bar, dry cuts, botanical colorations, professional brushings and wedding packages.