Christmas is approaching and you're probably looking for gift ideas to spoil your loved ones or yourself. What better and more comforting way to please someone or yourself than with a beauty gift?

Discover what Christophe Nicolas Biot has to offer for a beautiful end to the year.

Gift ideas for a woman

Wondering what to give your wife, fiancée, sister, mother, grandmother or best friend? We have no hesitation in recommending a beauty gift, whatever her age. What's the point? Because every woman likes to feel good about herself. Giving a beauty gift is proof that you want to take care of her.

Do you prefer natural products? All Christophe Nicolas Biot products are natural, paraben-free, silicone-free and sulfate-free. They are made from natural ingredients with the greatest respect for the earth and the environment.

Is she more sophisticated? Our face and body products are real beauty treatments, with cocooning scents to match.

Does she like to spend time in the bathroom? Consider the beauty routines suggested by Christophe Nicolas Biot. Whether it's for hair, face or body, you're sure to find what she's looking for. 

Is she rather complicated? Think about the gift card, which will enable her to buy the product of her choice, or to come and have a beauty treatment, a makeover or a hair treatment in one of the Maisons de Coiffure Christophe Nicolas Biot.

Gift ideas for a man

Whether it's a teenager, your father, your boyfriend, your husband or a friend, finding the ideal gift for a man is always a little complicated. One thing's for sure, though, and that's that more and more, he likes to take care of himself. So why not give him a beauty gift? Whether it's a product or a service from one of the Christophe Nicolas Biot hair salons. All the products in the Christophe Nicolas Biot boutique advocate inclusive beauty and are aimed at both men and women. Whether it's hair products or face and body products. And to make sure you get the right ultra-personalized gift, think gift card.

Gift ideas for yourself

Christmas and the festive season are the perfect time to think about yourself and treat yourself. Either by visiting one of the Maison de Coiffure Christophe Nicolas Biot for a beauty treatment, make-up or manicure (Paris 6 and Mulhouse), a new cut, a new color, a deep hair treatment, or by buying the products you're craving. Now's the time to treat yourself to one of Christophe Nicolas Biot's beauty routines for beautiful hair, gorgeous skin or a soft body.

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