Christophe-Nicolas Biot is a strong advocate of the principles of the acid-base diet. Since adopting the basics, he has been advising his clients to follow it. Are you ready to revisit your diet too? For Christophe-Nicolas Biot, the acid-base diet is the solution for restoring balance to your plate and preventing everyday ailments. 

What is an acid-base diet?

Holistic doctrines incorporating the concept ofacid-base balance date back to the 19th century and are not aimed at weight loss. This detox diet is based first and foremost on the principle that our current diet acidifies our organism, a source of numerous problems such as an increased risk of osteoporosis, chronic fatigue, migraines, pain and so on. The acid-base diet therefore aims to restore a certain balance in dietary intake by favoring alkaline foods (fruit and vegetables) and reducing acidic foods (meats, cheeses). This diet is a perfect illustration of public health recommendations.

How does the acid-base diet work?

The acid-base diet aims tobalance our dietary intake in terms of pH. This means offsetting our intake of acidic foods with alkaline ones. The PRAL index ("Potential Renal Acid Load") will help you compose your ideal diet. You should assume that an acidic food has a positive index, while a basic food has a negative index. The acidity or alkalinity of a food depends on its mineral and protein content. The best balance is 80% basic foods and 20% acidic foods, according to Dr. h. c. Peter Jentschura, an expert in acid-base balance. So it's time to focus on vegetables, leaving meat and fish to play a supporting role.

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What to put on your plate

  • Foods to focus on : fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices and carbonated waters rich in bicarbonates. Foods rich in mineral salts (calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc.). The aim is to reduce the body's acidity and thus give priority to fiber.
  • Foods to avoid: There are no foods to avoid, as long as the intake of acidic foods is compensated by that of basic or alkalizing foods. However, you should avoid, or even eliminate, white flours and industrial foods, red meat, cold meats, processed dairy products, citrus fruits (except lemons), soft drinks, coffee and alcohol. Ready-made meals are packed with preservatives and texture agents that acidify the body. Starchy foods and refined cereals such as pasta, rice and white bread should be avoided. Instead, opt for their wholemeal equivalents.
  • Foods to be eaten in moderation : white meat, fish, eggs, raw-milk dairy products and fresh cheeses, cereals, alcohol, salt, caffeine and products rich in chlorine, sulfur and phosphorus. We recommend eating just one portion of white meat or lean fish a day. The same applies to cheese.

Every day

The acid-base diet may mean a change in eating habits for some people, especially those who don't like vegetables. It's a diet for the long term, but not necessarily for slimming. It should be noted that the acid-base diet has a beneficial effect on cardiovascular risk, as it limits the intake of red meats, saturated fats and salt, and gives pride of place to fruit and vegetables, which are rich in fiber. It is also recommended for bone health. However, care must be taken with protein intake to avoid muscle loss. Finally, this diet could reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, which is favored by an acidic diet.

What you need to know

As with everything, an acid-base diet should not exempt you from physical activity. We therefore recommend that you give priority to walking on a daily basis, complemented by three sessions of sport a week. You can also include more gentle activities such as yoga or meditation to enhance your well-being.

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