After creating and launching the organic hair brands by Biot and by Biot in 2012 and 2016 respectively, Christophe-Nicolas Biot is now enriching his offering with a new natural, handcrafted line, Mon Protocole.

This range of four innovative, complementary products also includes two hair oils that can be mixed with the products according to hair type and needs.

Mon Protocole' s mission is to support women and men in their desire to use healthy products and adopt an easy, fast and effective routine by offering a range designed for hair, body and face.

Taking care of yourself has never been easier!

My Protocol: natural products and traditional manufacturing methods

Handcrafted in the Charente region of France, this line of essential oils is 100% natural. Drawn from a depth of over 160 meters, the spring water is pure and light, thanks to natural filtration.

Eco-responsible, refillable line

Like an apothecary's line, the range is presented in an environmentally-friendly amber glass bottle with pump to preserve the purity of the active ingredients and thus care for both body and environment.

Convinced that respect for the environment is everyone's business, Christophe-Nicolas Biot has expanded his sustainable offering, notably with the creation of the vegetal brush (100% natural right down to the tissue paper packaging), and today with the Mon Protocole line.

Mon Protocole line products

Cleansing Milk n°1 for hair, face and body

  • The first step in cleansing dry scalps, apply like a make-up remover to scalp and hair for gentle cleansing. Also ideal as a make-up remover for the face and a gentle cleanser for the body.

Liquid Soap n°2 for hair, face and body

  • A basic product in the protocol for purifying seborrheic scalps, it is also ideal for the face and body. Used like a soap, it removes excess sebum and traces of impurities.

Crème de shampoo n°3 for hair and body

  • Nourishing and moisturizing, this cream provides deep cleansing without weighing hair down, leaving it ultra-light. Also pleasant and moisturizing as a body wash.

Emulsion vegetable emulsion n°4

  • Moisturizing, nourishing and detangling, it's the perfect emulsion to give hair the moisture it needs while keeping it light. Can also be used as a non-greasy body moisturizer.

Hair oil n°1

  • Anti-hair loss and oily hair. Purifying essential oil that activates bulb circulation.

Hair oil n°2

  • For dandruff and scalp disorders


  • Normal to oily scalps / hair loss

Mix liquid soap with a few drops of n°1 essential oils. Apply to dry hair and massage gently for a few minutes. Add water and emulsify, shampoo a second time if necessary and finish with the vegetable emulsion.

  • Sensitive scalp / itching / dandruff / psoriasis

Mix cleansing milk with essential oil n°2. Apply to dry hair, massage and emulsify.

As a second shampoo, use the liquid soap and then apply the vegetable emulsion.

  • Healthy scalp / no particular problems, short or natural hair, no coloring or chemical action

Liquid soap or cream shampoo in one or two applications.