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The 11-row Christophe Nicolas Biot Paris natural vegan hairbrush is a brush made from natural, noble materials, created after long research into the ideal, effective tool. It's a veritable alchemy of nature and science. This new brush will become a must-have for all those who want professional results with a 100% natural tool.


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Features of the Christophe Nicolas Biot Paris vegan hairbrush

Christophe Nicolas Biot's vegan hairbrush is made from natural, noble materials
- The wood is raw beech from sustainably managed forests.
- The fibers used are Tampico, a natural, creamy-white fiber. Tampico comes from the leaves of an agave (Lechuguilla) that grows mainly in Mexico. The fleshy agave leaves are cut and beaten with sticks or suitable machines to extract the fibers, which are then sun-dried and selected according to thickness and length. Tampico is renowned for its exceptional hygroscopic, biodegradable and heat-resistant properties.
- The cushion, also known as the pneumatic head, is made from natural rubber obtained by processing the latex secreted by the rubber tree.

Caring for your natural vegan hairbrush

Use a small comb to remove dust, hairs and impurities that accumulate between the brush bristles. To refine the cleaning, use a toothbrush dipped in soapy water. Leave to dry.

Tips from Christophe Nicolas Biot

- Use the brush before shampooing, on dry hair, to detangle and soften.
- Wash your hairbrush regularly for optimum shine and softness. Remove any hair that gets stuck after each brushing, and run it under hot water with a little shampoo at least once a month.
- When brushing long hair, start with the ends, then the length and finally the roots, to avoid multiplying knots. Don't style the entire length until the final brushstrokes.
- In the morning, with a mid-length to short cut, brush your hair in all directions to detangle, soften and add volume.

For which hair type

Normal and thick hair

Effect on hair

More moisturized and nourished hair, stronger and less greasy.


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