Whether at his Maisons de Coiffure in Paris, Mulhouse or Val D'isère, at l'AtelierBiot or in the cabin at the Hotel Lutetia, Christophe Nicolas Biot and his teams make it a point of honor to welcome their customers with the utmost attention, but in a relaxed and straightforward manner. The luxury is in the services, but also in the smallest details of a visit to the hairdresser. Whether it's the decor, always tastefully designed, the ancillary services or the hairdressing service itself.

Luxury is an art of living

While in the past, and by definition, luxury was reserved for a certain elite, today it is an element of pleasure for everyone. The notion of pleasure is one of the key elements of luxury. No luxury without pleasure. And that's exactly what Christophe Nicolas Biot's establishments develop and promote. Luxury is an art of living and entertaining that makes you feel unique and privileged.

An incomparable beauty experience

After making an appointment with Christophe Nicolas Biot by telephone or via the online booking site, you are expected.

Online booking allows you to decide at any time of the day or night when you want to come to the salon, choosing your hairdresser, your schedule and your service. Now that's luxury!

When you arrive, you'll find yourself in a calm, comfortable setting, and the choice of magazines on offer is already a guarantee of quality. With coffee or herbal tea at your disposal, you're ready to meet your hairdresser, who pays particular attention to your desires, your pace of life and the time you have available for your beauty treatment. The hairdresser is at your complete disposal and adapts to your needs, desires and expectations.

Christophe Nicolas Biot's premises are confidential, connected, comfortable and conceptual. So while you're coloring, you can take advantage of the wifi to relax or work.

Luxury in all its forms

Luxury isn't just about comfort and welcome. It's also in the equipment used for quality styling, drying and cutting. In the products, which range from 100% vegan to the most conventional. In the dry-cut service, but also in the space itself.

When it comes to haircuts,dry cutting is the preferred choice, as it offers the ultimate in personalization. It's created according to the very nature of the hair, the customer's style and lifestyle. Easy to live with, the dry cut, like a made-to-measure garment, lends itself to every desire and every style.

A privileged customer

At Christophe Nicolas Biot establishments, our hairdressers know your history thanks to a precise technical file of your past beauty treatments. And even if you move from one establishment to another, you'll be able to keep track of what's been done, so the hairdresser can make suggestions about what he or she can do next.

The customer is at the center of the service. You don't come for a haircut or color. You've come to show off your best features and receive a personalized service where human touch, emotion, listening and attention are essential. This is your moment. A stress-free bubble of well-being and attention, from which everyone should emerge happy and satisfied.

Luxury according to Christophe Nicolas Biot

Gilles Marie Zimmermann

« Le luxe en coiffure, c’est se démarquer des autres et proposer des services que les autres ne font pas. »

  • a personalized welcome

On pense communément que dans un endroit qui se dit « luxe »on se doit de nommer la personne lors de son arrivée ou son départ.
Personnellement, je ne le pense pas. Je préfère préserver l’anonymat de mes clients, célèbres ou pas. C’est pour moi une marque de respect.

  • attentive listening

Il est important de comprendre les moments où l’on peut s’exprimer et de sentir « l’espace d’expression » qu’offre la cliente et, le cas échéant, de respecter son envie de calme et d’intimité durant son moment de beauté coiffure.

  • personalized attention
It's important to know your customer's expectations, her favorite products, her favorite drink, her tastes in terms of scalp massage...
In fact, any self-respecting luxury salon should naturally offer a massage during shampooing, followed by a personalized treatment.
  • personalized spaces

In a luxury salon, personalized areas can accommodate customers with special requests, such as wigs, extensions, straightening and deep scalp treatments. These are additional services that can only be offered in an appropriate setting and space with several cabins.

  • complementary care

These include foot care, waxing and facial treatments in exclusive cabins, as well as manicure, make-up and beauty services in the armchair.

  • a vip area

At the Maison de Coiffure Paris 6, the 1st floor offers a second salon within the Maison, with three armchairs and two places for treatments and shampoos. A VIP booth is also available for the most particular customers or those with very specific requests.

  • a precise performance history

At any time, you can consult your service history and expenses, as well as your customer's contact details, to warn her, for example, of a change in schedule or the possible absence of her hairdresser or colorist.

  • more services

Home delivery of products
Increasinglyeffective plant-based hair coloring with previously unused ingredients and herbs.
We serve organic, eco-responsible herbal tea and coffee.
Use of high-performance, low-noise professional equipment.
We are developing a 100% plant-based product line.

  • appointments available 24 hours a day

The ability to book an appointment at any time of the day or night via the Internet is now part of a democratized luxury proposition.

For a professional appraisal of your hair, and to treat yourself to an appropriate treatment, don't hesitate to make an appointment at one of Christophe Nicolas Biot's beauty salons.