White hair appears naturally in the hair of both men and women, more or less early in life. Follow our advice to learn all about this phenomenon.

Why do we get white hair?

The appearance of gray and then white hair is called canitis. It occurs throughout life when melanin production is depleted. As soon as melanin is depleted, hair turns gray and then white.

Les cheveux ne changent pas tous de couleur en même temps et c’est parfois une transition difficile à assumer même si le « poivre et sel » est une couleur naturelle très jolie que les hommes assument plus facilement que les femmes. Ainsi, si la couleur des cheveux est inscrite dans les gènes, elle résulte aussi de l’environnement extérieur et varie dans le temps.

And it's not just the hair that turns white when you have canitis. Beards also whiten, as do all body hairs.

What is melanin?

Hair color depends mainly on the presence or absence of pigments called melanin, produced by melanocytes, the cells located in the hair bulb at the base of the hair. Each individual has his or her own melanin production cycle.

There are at least two different types of melanin: pheomelanins and eumelanins.

Pheomelanins give blond to reddish hues, while eumelanins give brown colors.

The two types of melanin can coexist in the same person, and it's the variations in proportions between the two pigments that give a unique hair color.

Once the process has begun, it's impossible to stop it, and more often than not, to hide this aesthetic inconvenience, we resort to colorings to camouflage them.

However, more and more women, like the stars on the red carpet, are embracing their canitie.


Keeping and embracing grey hair

If you've decided to keep your hair natural and embrace your graying hair - the big trend of recent years - you'll need to look after it carefully.

The worst enemy of white hair is yellowing. It's a reflection that occurs naturally on white hair, but is quickly overlooked. In this case, you'll need to opt for the right care products with de-yellowing effects, containing violet pigments. But don't overdo it, and use professional products, or you'll end up with some very unattractive violet highlights.

The ideal solution is to go to a professional who will offer you a patina that cools the color for a sparkling white finish.

 White hair, true and false

  • Intense stress causes hair to turn white instantly: False. white hair rock However, oxidative stress plays a role in the premature appearance of gray hair.
  • 7 others grow when 1 is removed: False
  • Their growth is hereditary: True
  • Childbirth rhymes with white hair: False
  • Proper care can delay their arrival: False
  • They can be a sign of heart disease in men: True, according to a 2017 European Society of Cardiology study.
  • They can be a sign of vitamin deficiency: True

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