DetO2x Cream by Valmont is an oxygenating and detoxifying cream. It's a real breath of oxygen for the skin. This whipped-texture cream promotes cell oxygenation and detoxifies the complexion to restore radiance.

    Contenance 45ml


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    Special features of DetO2x Cream Valmont

    Valmont's DetO2x Cream, with its innovative formula, offers a real breath of oxygen to the skin, for a radiant complexion. Its surprisingly airy texture, whose bubbles renew themselves on contact with oxygen, offers a detoxifying action for plumped-up skin and a healthy, radiant complexion.


    . Captures ambient oxygen and delivers it to the skin
    . Cleanses and purifies the skin, depollutes the complexion
    . Skin is freed of impurities, relaxed and plumped up .
    . Ideal for all skin types, especially those exposed to cigarette smoke and pollution.

    Active ingredients

    . O2 complex: boosts cellular oxygenation and promotes its diffusion to the heart of the epidermis.
    . Swiss apple stem cells: Increases the longevity of skin stem cells.
    . Triple DNA: Super moisturizer capable of retaining 10,000 times its weight in water.

    Tips for using DetO2x Cream Valmont

    Every morning, after applying a serum, remove the foam formed on the surface of the cream. Apply the product to the face with the mini-brush, using light strokes without massaging too much.


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