At any time of year, there's always time for a little hair detox to get rid of the toxins, pollution and product residues that make hair dull, flat, greasy and weighed down.

What's really going on?

Why a hair detox?

Our hair is constantly under attack, whether from pollution, the products we use or mechanical actions such as straightening or blow-drying. If you're not accustomed to an organic hair routine, chances are that sulfates and silicones are part of your daily routine. While these additives coat the hair (silicones) and make it look clean, silky and shiny at first glance (sulfates), they also cause long-term pollution of the hair fiber and suffocate the scalp.

Over time, therefore, it becomes essential to regularly detoxify hair to free it from toxins, just as we do for our face and body.

The right routine

Just as you regularly exfoliate your body or face, adopt a scalp scrub. Scrub your scalp once a week, or even every two weeks, before shampooing your hair, which should of course be silicone- and sulfate-free.

Christophe Nicolas Biot's detox tips

  • apply a clay poultice to cleanse, purify and detoxify
  • shampoo without silicone, sulfate or paraben
  • rinse with vinegar water, but personally I prefer to finish off with sea lime to remineralize the scalp and hair.

For a professional appraisal of your hair, and to treat yourself to an appropriate treatment, don't hesitate to make an appointment at one of Christophe Nicolas Biot's beauty salons.