To look younger, there's nothing like a nice cut and the right color. It gives you a real youthful look. On the contrary, a strict or old-fashioned cut, a uniform color, or one that's too dull or doesn't match your complexion can make you look tired and age your features. Follow Christophe Nicolas Biot 's advice to choose the right style and look younger!

Find your cut and look younger

A cut that suits you, your features and your morphology. That's the most important thing if you want to look younger. The ideal cut should match the structure of your hair, not conflict with its nature, and enhance your facial features. To achieve this, dry cutting, the cutting method taught at Maisons de Coiffure Christophe Nicolas Biot, is ideal and the most suitable.

Pour Christophe Nicolas Biot, « Il n’y a a priori pas de coupes qui « font » vieux, cela dépend surtout de la personne qui la porte. » Mais certaines coupes démodées peuvent vieillir. Des coupes courtes, aux racines décollées ou permanentées, qui manquent de souplesse, par exemple. On préfère des coupes avec une mèche ou dégradées pour éviter cet effet « casque ». Quant aux cheveux longs, ils ne sont pas interdits : on peut tout à fait garder une certaine longueur, aux épaules, et que ce soit très flatteur. Les cheveux permettent d’habiller le cou et les clavicules : si vous êtes très mince, ou que votre cou est long, ou que vous complexez sur des os ou tendons saillants, la longueur est une solution gracieuse.

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To look younger, should you keep or color your white hair?

It all depends, of course, on what you want. If your hair color and cut are part of your identity, and you want to keep it that way, it's possible. But the widespread idea that color makes you look younger and white hair makes you look older is no longer valid. What ages is white hair that turns yellow and dries out. If well cared for, thanks to Christophe Nicolas Biot's advice, beautiful silver-white hair is stylish and elegant. It ages less than a poorly done color or one that doesn't match your skin tone. But to go white, you'll have to be patient and go through the roots process. At Christophe Nicolas Biot, we don't do highlights to ensure the transition: most of the time, they damage the material, and color-treated gray hair turns yellow.

To avoid yellowing, the choice of product is essential. You don't have to use blue products that can tint the hair: your hairdresser will be able to advise you on the most suitable product. Alternatively, you can apply violet clay, which has a sheathing and de-yellowing effect.

Is natural coloring advisable to look younger?

For Christophe Nicolas Biot, "whether or not to color your hair is not a question of whether or not you want to be gray. It's not a diktat linked to age. It all depends on your style, the image you want to project in the society in which you live. To assert your style. You can then decide to imitate your natural color by coloring, or to change your head. " What you absolutely must avoid is too much. Too much bleach or too much black is rarely advantageous. You have to adapt to your skin tone. For example, if you have a very fair complexion, you won't pigment in golden or dark blond." Remember that, as you age, your skin tone evolves, as does your hair color: that's why even the most successful hair color, based on your natural hair color, looks less natural after a certain age.

Are there techniques to avoid or to favor to look younger?

To look younger, perming is not recommended. Firstly, because a perm looks great the first time, but then you can't reproduce the same result. You have to repermanence damaged hair, because you can't repermanence the roots alone. Secondly, it's very difficult to keep hair healthy and toned after a perm.

For color, Christophe Nicolas Biot recommends the use of plant-based colorants, which are gentler on the hair.

Christophe Nicolas Biot's 10 tips for looking younger

Looking younger is all about the right cut and color, but it's also about a holistic approach to the body and a state of mind. As with everything else, youth is above all a question of balance.

#01 - Healthy eating

Christophe Nicolas Biot can never say it often enough: what happens on the inside shows on the outside. A fervent advocate of the acid-base diet, a true way of life, a balanced diet, which corrects acidity through the intake of acidic foods, enables the body to better balance itself, to better regenerate cells, and therefore to slow down the signs of ageing.

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#02 - Avoid excess of any kind

Even what seems to be good for us: too much sport or too many vitamins, for example, is not good. It's all a question of balance: you have to find your own to move forward and feel good about yourself.

#03 - Taking care of your skin

Whatever your age, taking good care of your skin is very important. But there's no need to overload it with unnecessary care products or creams that are too rich. Use cosmetics that are adapted to your needs: comfort, use, scent, texture... but above all, adapted to the area of the body or face. Likewise, keep sun exposure to a minimum: protected skin ages better, while tanning ages, visually and in the long term.

#04 - Cleansing your skin

Thoroughly cleansed skin (but gently, without stripping) is skin that receives and optimizes care. It's also purified, luminous skin, which can even do without foundation. For Christophe Nicolas Biot, the key is the 3-step cleansing ritual: cleansing milk or oil, cream soap or foam, toning or purifying lotion. For body skin, wash twice, without stripping, using gentle products to soften the skin. You don't use the same products on the body as on the face.

#05 - Pay attention to your posture

Poor posture, whether due to fatigue or slouching, is very ageing. Make sure you stand up straight when you walk or sit down. Without being too rigid either!

#06 - Keep hair fresh and toned

Well-groomed, well-cleaned and well-maintained hair is the b-a ba of beauty and youth. It's also the opposite of carelessness. Multiply your treatments for nourished, shiny hair.

#07 - Avoiding one too many cosmetic procedures

A surplus of injections, which, when overdosed, tend to swell the face and features. Injections should only be used to fill very pronounced wrinkles, or hollows left by age-related loss of facial volume. Too many injections can cause the face to swell and look unnatural and aged.

#08 - Listen to the music you love and that moves you

Let the music take you away. Sing and dance while you can.

#09 - To love and be in love

There's nothing like loving and being loved to make you feel alive. In your relationship, your family, your friends. Make the most of everyone you love, sharing and communicating. Put passion into your lovemaking.

#10 - Laugh and smile

Even if current events or everyday life don't seem to be conducive to a good mood, chase away the gloom and find good reasons to enjoy yourself. Multiply the good times. Force yourself to laugh, and smile: the more you smile, the more you feel like smiling, and the easier it comes. And nothing makes you look younger than a smiling face.


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