Gone are the days when curly hair had to be tamed! Today, curls are worn proud and cascading, from the stylish '80s bob to the nappy hair of Afro hair. Curly hair is very much in vogue today, and comes in a wide range of styles: from wise wavelets to crazy manes, to voluminous curls, short or long... Whether on the catwalk or in the streets, curls are simply trendy.

Nevertheless, there are certain rules for enhancing your curls. The mistake is to believe that it's enough to leave your curls "au naturel", without taking care of them. But whether curly or slightly wavy, curly hair is more fragile than straight hair. Sometimes, even your curly hair can give you a hard time. So how do you make your curls look their best? A mane full of curves and volume, radiant with health, is easy to maintain.

Enhance your curls with the right routine

To enhance your curls, there are a few basic rules. First of all, curly hair is naturally dry. Depending on the shape of the bulb, more or less curved depending on genetics, and its chemical structure, hair grows wavy, curly or frizzy. The degree of curl is determined by the number and location of disulfide bridges. The spiral nature of hair also prevents an even distribution of the sebum secreted by the scalp. With each curve, the hair's scales loosen, preventing sebum from depositing to protect the hair. Hair is poorly hydrated, especially at the ends, which is why it frizzes easily in the presence of humidity. So it's essential to maintain a constant level of hydration throughout the hair fiber to keep hair supple and full of life.

Shampoo only once a week to avoid further dehydrating curly hair. We recommend moisturizing shampoos with natural active ingredients. Exit formulas containing sulfates or silicones, which coat without conditioning and further dehydrate. And don't forget to nourish the hair fiber, essential for sublimating curls. The best natural care products for curly hair include sweet almond oil for rehydration, coconut oil for fiber repair, jojoba oil for shine and argan oil for strength. Natural care products enriched with plant butters, proteins and oils rich in fatty acids are just as effective at repairing brittle, dull hair and maintaining curls.

And don't hesitate to invest in a leave-in treatment. Apply to towel-dried hair to moisturize and define curls, then apply to dry hair every morning to revitalize your style.

How to accentuate curls?

To accentuate your natural curls, don't hesitate to define your curls by styling the curl to give it the right movement. A few simple techniques can be applied to damp hair after each wash.

For a wavy effect, for example, create a center or side parting and flatten your lengths into a "Mexican" style to loosen the curl. Depending on your preference, you can do this with just the front strands or with the whole head toaccentuate your natural curls.

If you find that your hair swells too much and you want to channel the volume locally, form two large strands and intertwine them as if you were going to make a braid. Do the same with several strands all around your head. Ideally, you should wash your hair at night and sleep with the braids in place. As you dry, your curls will form naturally.

To detangle your curly hair, simply use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. You can also use a soft boar bristle brush that won't damage your hair. An unsuitable brush can break the curls and you risk ending up with swollen, frothy, electric hair.

And last but not least, always air-dry your hair for less frizz. Alternatively, be sure to use your blow-dryer with a diffuser, a large spiked nozzle that clips onto the blow-dryer and allows air to be diffused without concentrating the heat. A useful accessory for enhancing curls.