Dull, lackluster, brittle hair, dry and sometimes split ends - these are the main signs of damaged hair that needs care. Damaged hair can be due to genetic factors (hair type), internal factors (stress, hormonal changes, medical treatment), or, in the vast majority of cases, external factors such as sun, wind and pollution, as well as lack of care and chemical treatments. To restore shine, strength and vitality to your hair, you're probably dreaming of a miracle treatment for severely damaged hair.

Rest assured, you're neither the first nor the last person to look for the best care for damaged hair, since at one time or another, depending on hair type, season and period of life, everyone has gone through, or will go through, this stage. But to properly care for damaged hair, you first need to know what we're talking about, how to recognize damaged hair and what the most common causes are. Discover our top tips on how to care for damaged hair, what routine to adopt and which products to choose.

Causes of damaged hair

Hair doesn't become very damaged overnight, except in rare cases when it has undergone inappropriate treatment. It's only gradually that the capillary fiber becomes altered, hair loses its shine, becomes dull, very dry and breaks. It becomes rough to the touch. Damaged hair can also be recognized by its split ends, which tend to tangle easily. Damaged hair is very difficult to style, let alone discipline.

Various factors can damage hair, making it dry and brittle. First and foremost, your body's general state of health affects the condition of your hair. So, if you're in poor health or have deficiencies in certain vitamins and nutrients, you can have more fragile hair that will damage more easily. Lack of sleep is also a frequent cause of damaged hair. External aggressions can also gradually alter your hair, as can mistreatment. Pollution, wind, sun, swimming pools, coloring, straightening, excessive blow-drying and lack of care are just some of the main causes of damaged hair. Once these problems have been identified, the question is: is there a miracle treatment for severely damaged hair?

The right routine for damaged hair

While there is a miracle treatment for severely damaged hair, to restore healthy-looking hair, it's important to establish a suitable hair routine. It's important to take the right steps to care for dry, brittle and split-root hair, and to opt for repairing, revitalizing, nourishing and moisturizing products. The ideal solution is always to opt for 100% natural products.

To avoid further stressing your hair, start by spacing out your shampoos. What's more, it's essential to choose a shampoo specially formulated for your hair type. There are shampoos specially designed for very damaged hair. They repair and strengthen the hair fiber, from roots to ends. Shampoos with plant extracts provide all the nutrients essential for hair growth, strength and beauty. And to brush weakened hair without damaging it further, it's best to use a wide-tooth comb.

The best treatments for damaged hair

If you're looking for a real miracle treatment for severely damaged hair, you'll find it in natural-based products, thanks to their extremely repairing, nourishing and moisturizing properties. Masks, serums and vegetable oils are your best allies.

And among the hair care ingredients we recommend for damaged hair, Argan oil is the unanimous choice. Pure Argan vegetable oil is an effective regenerating treatment for dry, brittle hair without volume, and even better for hair damaged by prolonged exposure to the elements, such as sun, sea, cold, wind or bad hair habits. Argan oil is rich in vitamins A and E, fatty acids (omega 6 and omega 9), sterols and polyphenols. All essential ingredients for damaged hair.

With its nourishing, protective and regenerative properties, Jojoba oil is also the perfect ally for dry, damaged or sensitized hair. Jojoba oil's formula, with its high concentration of vitamin E and fatty acids, helps repair, tighten and coat the scales of the hair fiber.

To combat split ends while strengthening the hair fiber and restoring shine, Shea butter also works wonders in damaged hair care. Thanks to the vitamins A, D, E and F in raw Shea butter, hair quickly regains its strength and vigor.

These plant oils can be used raw, applied to the ends or directly to the roots. They can also be used as a mask, or as part of a treatment for damaged hair.