Today, as everyone knows, men spend just as much time in the bathroom as women, and they're far from neglecting their hair. Long, shoulder-length hair has made a comeback on the catwalks of London, Milan and Paris, and is the hottest trend expected this fall. Curly hair, plucked back like David Beckham or natural long hair like Orlando Bloom, everyone can identify with the star they want.

The return of long hair for men

Gone are the hipster days, with their long beards and American fades, and men are opting for medium to long hair, tied up carelessly in a coiffed/décoiffé bun or loose, but always with style and elegance. The Rahan trend seems to be back and rhymes with sexy. Full beards are gradually disappearing in favor of a return to 3-day stubble, and hair is slowly but surely getting longer. But beware: despite what it may seem, this requires a lot of maintenance, and visits to the hairdresser are not to be neglected.

That's why, whatever the men's trend of the moment, the new Christophe Nicolas Biot's hairdressing salon in Paris 8 in the Village Royal offers a Barbering Corner dedicated exclusively to men, for greater intimacy. In this cosy space reserved for men, the hairdresser works with Seb Mana brand of Sebastian Professional, for men who refuse to be pigeonholed.

Obligatory professional advice

To let your hair grow and maintain it, it's out of the question to neglect the advice of a pro, moisturizing treatments, tools like a styler, brush, comb or accessories like scrunchies.... As a result, men no longer hesitate to steal their girlfriends' accessories from the bathroom!

How do you get beautiful long hair?

Far from being a cliché, long hair can't be left unkempt or it will quickly lose its charm. Nothing is more repellent than dirty, unkempt hair.

So don't neglect the 4 essential steps for hair that will make the girls fall in love: washing, detangling, drying and brushing....But above all, with the right products!

Long hair, yes, but for whom?

Long hair doesn't necessarily mean a Tarzan hairstyle, but letting your hair grow out isn't for everyone. First of all, this look generally requires thick hair and a lot of patience. On average, hair grows 1 to 2 cm per month. The transition phase can therefore be more or less long and often difficult to cope with.... It's at times like these that you need to rely on your hairdresser, because without cutting your hair to go back, he or she will maintain your cut and give you the style you need to achieve your goal.

What's more, long hair isn't for everyone. It's a look that generally attracts attention, and it's essential to make the most of it in all circumstances.

In any case, don't forget that your best ally is your hairdresser! He'll help you grow your hair harmoniously and maintain it, especially when it becomes too long to be short and too short to be long.... and, above all, he'll know how to advise you according to your morphology! Whether your face is square, round, triangular, diamond-shaped, hexagonal or oval... your hair will need to be shaped to soften the contours of your face.

What do women think of men with long hair?

According to one study, 76% of women say they are more attracted to men with long hair. Younger women in particular, with 82% of those surveyed aged between 18 and 34.

It's a style that appeals, but it's up to you to choose the one that suits you best: and to do that, you need to trust your hairdresser! He's sure to bring out the star in you!

The different styles of men with long hair

  • The eye-catching show-off
  • The romantic, philosophical nerd
  • The rebel who asserts his difference
  • The non-conformist, dreamy artist
  • The surfer who works on his physique by letting his hair down
  • The androgynous who wants to express her softness

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